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Textbook Affordability and Access Program


The UCCS Bookstore is consistently working on improving the way students receive their materials and how faculty relays that information to us. Our partner in processing adoptions, ebooks, and Day One titles is Verba. Course material adoptions are required by law to be posted.

Here is a quick link to enter in your course adoptions: VerbaCollect.

Textbook/Course Materials Deadlines

UCCS requires faculty to inform the UCCS Bookstore of all their course materials requirements including OER and "no requirement" by the following approximate due dates each term:

Important Adoption Deadline Dates

Fall TermSpring TermSummer Term
April 14thOctober 10thMarch 10th

Please note: Late course information increases the risk the materials will not be available on the first day of class.

What is TAAP?

Begining in the fall 2023 term we will be offering a new program called TAAP: Textbook Affordability and Access Program

This new program is with our new partners Akademos. You can access the Akademos portal here.

What options do I have?

The choice is up to you, physical, Day One(D1)/Digital Access, or OER. All great choices.

    • Physical Books - A true classic, however with some publishers like Pearson Education ending their printed textbooks this option is becoming more and more difficult for some titles.

    • Day One - Day One(D1) also known as Inclusive Access, are digital titles that allow students to get the material via Canvas and a reduced cost compared to physical titles.

    • OER - Open Educational Resources, are a great way to provide free materials to students. If you want to use this option enter in the link to the OER when entering your adoption. We will list it on our OER page for ease for students to access.

How do I get an Instructors Copy?

You will have to contact the publisher directly to get an instructor's copy of a title. If you use Day One you will have access to the material through Canvas.

So, What is Day One Access?

Day One Access, also known as Inclusive Access, is a new textbook model that converts physical course materials into instantly accessible, totally interactive, and adaptive digital content. The UCCS Bookstore, publishers, and faculty collaborate to make the digital course material available to every student enrolled in a Day One course on (or before) the first day of class. Because every student enrolled receives the digital course material, the publisher charges a lower bulk rate to the bookstore resulting in a lower retail price to the student. Most of digital content includes adaptive learning platforms, like McGraw-Hill's Connect or other access codes you may have purchased for previous courses.

How it Works

Students will receive access to their digital course materials through Canvas on the first day of class. The charge will be automatically billed to the student's university tuition account. Students can request to opt-out by Census Date and we will process a refund to their tuition account around Census Date.

What do Students need to know?

A great resource to answer most questions for Day One can be found here.

Why should I use Day One?

There are several reasons to consider using the Day One Program.
• First and foremost is the publisher. Pearson, the largest publisher is essentially no longer printing textbooks. It saves them on the cost of paper, printing, and distributing, making digital exponentially more profitable. With Pearson paving the way, most other publishers are taking their lead.

• Second is that many digital textbooks also integrate digital homework, assignments, etc., that even if the student obtains a physical copy, they still need to access the digital course requirements.

• Third is consumer demand or at least acceptance.

    o Low price: the substantially lower cost of digital is driving most of this demand.
    o Expectation: today’s traditional college age student has been exposed to digital course materials since first grade, making it an acceptable, if not desired, medium for most.
    o Environment: students like the idea of saving a tree.
    o Time: no waiting in lines or hunting down materials.
    o Convenience: When a student enrolls in a class where the faculty has selected D1, the student is automatically enrolled, and the fee is automatically placed on the student’s account. No ordering books, no getting the wrong item, easy payment.

• Fourth is faculty demand.
    o Faculty like knowing that most, if not all, of their students will actually have the course materials, and will have access on the first day of class.
    o Faculty like the digital homework capabilities.
    o Faculty have access to tools that can aid their teaching such as being able to see student participation.

• Bookstores such as ours support digital because:
    o It supports our charge to lower course material costs to the students.
    o It simplifies operations.
    o We need less floor and stockroom space and can repurpose that space for student-centric needs.
    o We capture more revenue. Even though our margins are razor thin compared to the profit from a physical textbook, having a larger audience will make up for it.

What Do I need to do?

Get your adoption in ASAP. As you can see the deadlines are early. Make sure VitalSource Tool in enabled on your course Canvas page. The steps to do this are here.

How Can Students Opt Out?

To Opt Out Follow These Instructions. Students must opt out prior to Census Date.

Where do I go for technical support?

Need support? Visit VitalSource Support

Where do I find Publisher support for Courseware Materials?

For Cengage titles: Cengage UCCS Course Page.
For McGraw Connect title: McGraw Connect Support.
For Macmillan Learning Support: Macmillan Learning Support - Achieve.

Important Day One Access Dates - Fall 2022

Day One Access Titles are Available on CanvasLast Day to Opt-Out of Day One AccessDay One Access charges begin appearing on Student Accounts
August 22, 2022September 8, 2022September 21, 2022