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Book BuyBack

Book Buyback Dates

Our fall 2022 in-store buyback is December 12-15 from 9am-5pm in the UCCS Bookstore.

Can’t make the in-store buyback? Click here for year-round buyback.

Factors and Conditions

Factors that determine which books are bought back and how much money you can get for them

  • Whether the book is adopted for next semester?
    • If yes the bookstore will buy those books back usually at the higher prices.
    • If no there typically national wholesalers who also come in during buyback who might the book depending on demand for a title.
  • The condition of the book.
  • If a newer edition exists.
  • UCCS bookstore does buy loose-leaf textbooks and custom textbooks (when possible) if the book is being used next semester
  • Where or not the book has all its pieces
  • National demand for title
  • Course enrollment numbers