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Access Card FAQ

Before using an access code utlize your trial period which vary based on the publisher of the homework manager. This allows you to still be able to return it if you need to.

Helpful Hints

UCCS Bookstore understands the world of homework managers can be complex and confusing. We have included some helpful hints to make using these programs easier.

  • Before opening up any access cards go to class first. There you will find what you need for the class from your instructor.
  • If you are thinking of dropping the class utlize the trial period which is offered by most publishers. So in the event you do drop the course the access card and materials can be returned. If the item is opened they are non-returnable even if you drop the course.
  • In most cases you will need your class id, a valid email, and your access code to access your homework manager.
  • If something doesn't work almost every publisher provides 24/7 phone support or online chat. If your having issues this is good place to start.

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